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FAQ: You have some questions ? we have answer !

What is an Airdrop?

An Airdrop is a marketing campaign carried out by companies that have a blockchain project and wish to improve their internet exposure.

They ask users to exchange their information and take action against tokens they have created for their projects and which may have significant value.

Example: A company X asks a user Y to send him his email address and to like the Facebook page of the company X. In exchange for a certain amount of tokens that the user can resell or use within the project .

Where do I sell my Airdrops?

Now that you have received your airdrops and are in a market place, what should you do?

Select your token in your wallet by clicking on it, click on "Exchange": you will be redirected to an exchange platform. Sign up and transfer your tokens to this market place to reap the benefits!

If you have any questions about the exchange platform, join us on our discord!

Why do not I get my Airdrops right away?

Most of the time airdrops is a business process done during an ICO, it may be that a company is waiting for the end of its ICO to send the funds.

We theoretically tell you the end of the airdrops on the cards in your wallet that must match the date the funds were sent.

In addition, you will receive a notification if there is a change, delay, or a final manipulation to be made before receiving your funds.

Yes, in the world of Airdrops you have to be patient, but do not lose hope because there is a lot of money to receive!

How do you manage our data?

Your data is stored according to the law GDPR of the European Union: find below all the information concerning ADAA and the RGPD.

In summary :

  • We have a Data Protection Officer dedicated to the management of your data which allows to be in constant compliance with the associated laws.
  • We have a registry that maps all of your data, which determines our security procedures and which allows to determine actions to implement if there are sensitive areas.
  • We continuously improve the quality of our data security internally (training and evaluation of our technological capabilities)
  • Finally, we cryptographically secure all your data.
How is the ADAA quality label determined?

The quality label is determined according to several criteria determined by the Crypto Confiance team.

The criteria are the team's experience and reputation on the internet: a background work is done on the team to see if there is a dark history.

There is also the whitepaper which allows to see the added value of the project, to see the targeted problem and to know if it is a project that can be long-term opportunity for our users.

What mechanism is in place for the token to gain value? Is it a token that is really useful? Is there an innovation behind this token?

There is also realized marketing which is a rather revealing indicator of the health of the company.

We add other criteria that we will not share in order to keep some of the internal auditing of the label.

Know that at any time we can add a quality label or remove it if the company has done an action that could change our opinion on it. If you are a project developer and you feel able to justify a quality label on your project you can contact us at

How can i contact you?

Please click here !

What do I need to participate ?

To participate you must complete your profile by adding your personal information and your social networking information. This will help you to better participate in Airdrops with the help of our ADAA + extension which will fill for you the different forms of airdrops campaigns. Why do that ? Because there is a multitude of methods to participate in airdrops: with a form of a website, with the software Telegram Messenger, with Twitter, with Facebook and many others ...

You need a Facebook account, a Twitter account, a Telegram Messenger account and an Ethereum wallet.

You will have to create accounts on different platforms like Discord, Bitcointalk, Reddit etc ... But you do not have to do it. To facilitate your participation, you can filter the list of airdrops according to the different accounts you have.

Do not share your Ethereum private key! Share us only your public key.

For more information do not hesitate to join us on Discord !